• Funny Marimba Book I

     14,00 16,00

    Legendary  Funny Marimba Book 1!  Generations of kids  learned marimba with this methodical  concert pieces.  Beginner to EASY pieces for marimba solo, 10 Tonal pieces in the book, extremely useful for developing technique  while at the same time excellent  music for concerts.  To be used as supplementary material, along with daily studies and scales. This…

  • Funny Marimba Book II

     16,00 18,00

    Slightely more advanced book  with several pieces for marimba solo, implementing useful techniques. This is the selection that includes well known pieces such as “Il canto dei Gondolieri” “Prokleti Koreni” or “Northwind”, a pieces very much suitable for solo recitals and students concerts.  Audiense particularely anjoys a wonderful ballade ” Il canto dei gondolieri” utilising…

  • Funny Vibraphone Book I

     14,00 16,00

    Tasteful selection of 10 easy to moderate pieces for Vibraphone solo, and it is Jazz-free.   Five pieces for 2 mallets and 5 pieces for 4 mallets.  Very easy to moderate difficult, including “hits” like “Rock Song”, and others.  excellend additional musical material that helps student s musical and technical  progress.

  • Funny Xylophone Book 1

     14,00 16,00

    Funny Xylophone Book1  with 12 pieces for SOLO xylophone for two mallets.  Lovely selection for SOLO instrument,  very suitable also to be played on Marimba.   Additional material , concert pieces for students recitals, but also very interesting as short ENCORE pieces.  Well known “Der kleine Paganini” is from this selection.  Useful pieces for fun and…

  • My First Book for Xylophone & Marimba

     14,00 16,00

    Piano & Solo Part